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What is a Family Recovery Coach?

Parents, spouses and other family members who live with someone who abuses alcohol or drugs typically have tried nagging, pleading, threatening and yelling in the hopes that their loved one will stop drinking or doing drugs. They often feel like they are walking on eggshells with their loved one too and feel pretty hopeless.

Family Recovery Coaching offers an alternative to nagging, yelling, or walking on eggshells.

A Family Recovery Coach helps family members learn a new way to communicate what they need and it includes setting limits with a message of love and effectively helping their loved one find their own motivation to change.

Family Recovery Coaching helps the family member improve their life and learn how to interact in a healthy way in order to help their loved one be open to change or treatment.

Although a Family Recovery Coach does not provide treatment, Carol is able to provide assistance for assessment and referrals to residential treatment and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs. She can also offer other options for safe, sober transport.
A Recovery Family Coach:
  • Educates

  • Guides

  • Encourages

  • Helps the family member(s) learn a new way to talk with their loved one.

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A Recovery Family Coach is NOT:
  • A Therapist

  • A Sponsor

  • A Treatment Provider

  • A Mediator

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What is a Family Recovery Coach?

Family Recovery Coaching
by Carol Rose

Certified Addiction and Family Recovery Coach

Carol Rose is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC) and has a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling (MHDL).


Carol Rose is an educator and Recovery Ally for mental health and substance use. She raises the awareness of recovery and is passionate about destigmatizing the language associated with substance use. 


She is knowledgeable about treatment placement for substance use, mental health and eating disorders for adolescents, young adults and adults having developed trusting resources for over 10 years.


About Carol Rose

Carol Rose  is an educator and Recovery Ally for Mental Health and Substance Use. She raises the awareness of recovery and is passionate about destigmatizing the language associated with substance use. She has co-facilitated Substance Use Disorder groups in a substance use IOP facility, hospice work through the Chaplain’s office of a local hospital and coordinated a bereavement support group at her church.  Carol is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC) and has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling (MHDL).


She has an entrepreneurial spirit which began as a successful small business retail owner. It provided the groundwork to learn how to effectively listen and communicate, provide quality customer service and be creative. She became interested in Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRP’s) which support students in early recovery when a family member of hers enrolled in such a program in a neighboring state.  After much research Carol presented the plans to start a CRP to the Director of Counseling and Student Wellness and the Director of Student Health at UNC Charlotte.  She is the founder and past coordinator of the CRP at UNC Charlotte, which she is incredibly proud of.  It is the first university in the 17- school UNC system to start a CRP which has grown to 10 universities, 5 community colleges and one recovery high school.

After leaving UNC Charlotte, Carol started working for a residential treatment facility that specializes in the treatment of young men, women and teen boys  with co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders. She has built strong referral relationships across the country and has often presented on “The Language of Recovery” and “Becoming an Ally” to universities, high schools, community agencies along with Greek Fraternity and Sorority Life and churches.


Carol is masterful at networking and outreach. She has a keen eye for quality programs, and is an enthusiastic promoter when she finds them. She has done a superb job of growing the CRC and UNCC. She is a warm, inviting friend and advocate to all she encounters, very professional and knowledgeable as well!

Beth S.

Carol’s authenticity and enthusiasm for promoting social, emotional, and physical health, specifically in the emerging adults population, is remarkable. Carol and I met during the early inception and development of NC’s first Collegiate Recovery Program. She blew me away with her ability to generate excitement and rally community, financial and state support around the initiative that now, has happily been replicated throughout the Carolinas. Always impressed by her genuine heart for her work, her clinical competency working with families and young adults, and her commitment to do the right thing by every person she encounters

Jessica W.

Carol is a person of high integrity who is dedicated to excellence. When you do business with Carol, you can be assured that you will get a high quality product and that she will give you her 100% best. 

Diane W.


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Contact Carol Rose

Carol Rose is available for adult only coaching sessions by phone or Zoom or in person.

Available to present on

  • Recovery Ally Training

  • Family Messaging

Call for a 15 minute free consultation.

Telephone: 704-236-0945



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